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The truth is that I’ve gone through what I thought at the time was overwhelming stress. I nearly broke under the hardship of believing I was infertile. It was not an easy time for me, as I’m sure it is not for you.

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Stress is incredibly powerful: it can shut down our bodies, alter our chemistry and shut out important people in our lives. If we let our emotions get the better of us, it gives stress the free reign to affect our lives in negative ways.

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I wrote Coping With The Stress of Infertility  because I wanted to give my readers an additional weapon in combating their infertility.

Dealing with infertility is tough, and one of the most critical battlegrounds is our emotions. With this eBook, you’ll never again be on the defensive. You’ll always be ready to confront a problem as it arises.

If you’re suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Sleep deprivation

I can help you!

How Can I Promise That?

Because these aren’t just methods I created out of the blue. These are tried and true methods of relieving stress once and for all. Besides learning how to cope with each specific emotion you’re feeling, such as anger, sadness, guilt and shame, I’m going to teach you how to:

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